Top 10 Reasons to Use TRANSFLO Express

There are many reasons why TRANSFLO Express sets the new standard for trip document delivery. A few of the most compelling are highlighted below. To learn more about how TRANSFLO Express can help your fleet turn days into seconds, call Pegasus TransTech today at 800-783-8649, or use our contact page.

1) You’ll Bill the Same Day The Load is Delivered
No more waiting 2-5 days to bill your customers. With TRANSFLO Express, your documents are scanned at truck stops or your terminals, and delivered in seconds to your corporate office for immediate processing. That brings unprecedented speed to your billing cycle and cash flow.

2) You’ll Avoid Payroll-Related Hassles
How many times has your fleet lost time, and therefore money, settling disputes with drivers over paperwork? With TRANSFLO Express, your driver never loses control of his or her original trip documents. Once a trained cashier has scanned your driver’s trip documents, the driver receives printed confirmation, and the fleet receives high quality document images. Drivers and fleets have the proof they need to avoid disputes over paperwork.

3) No Imaging System? No Problem!
With TRANSFLO Express, trip documents can be e-mailed to you within seconds of being scanned at truck stops. All you need is a PC and a standard web browser.

4) Happier Customers
With TRANSFLO Express, you can provide the customer with proof-of-delivery the same day the load is delivered. Your customer rests easier knowing their shipment has safely reached its destination. Your fleet enjoys the competitive advantage that comes from superior customer service.

5) Productivity. Productivity. Productivity.
No envelopes for your corporate office staff to open. No docs to prep or scan. No time lost to trying to locate missing paperwork. Within seconds of being scanned at the truck stop, your trip documents arrive, ready for immediate processing. So while you’re enjoying all the benefits of faster cash flow and higher customer and driver satisfaction, you’re also reducing your operating costs by improving your corporate office’s productivity.

6) Your Drivers Will Love It
First, TRANSFLO Express is easy to use. Your drivers simply hand their trip documents to trained cashiers for scanning. TRANSFLO Express delivers the driver’s trip documents in seconds, not days, and issues a printed confirmation to the driver that his or her paperwork has been received by the fleet. (Drivers can also retrieve confirmation receipts over the Internet for up to 14 days.) Your drivers will have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing they’ve beat payroll-related deadlines.

7) It’s Already Delivering for Leading Carriers
As you read this, leading carriers like Maverick Transportation are reaping the benefits of TRANSFLO Express. Mike Hufnagel, Maverick’s Vice President of I.T., says “TRANSFLO Express is doing exactly what we want it to do….All 770 of our drivers are using it. We began realizing benefits immediately. Instant access to trip documents is enabling us to bill the same day we deliver our loads. The biggest advantage for the drivers and the company is since the drivers now maintain control of the trip documents, there is no loss of control of the documentation and no more disputes over paperwork.”

8) It’s Available at Truck Stops Nationwide.
TRANSFLO Express is currently available at more than 950 truck stops across the United States. TRANSFLO Express will be expanding to other truck stops in the future.

9) It Works With Our Imaging System…Or The Other Guys’
Whether your company does its imaging and document management via Pegasus TransTech’s TRANSFLO, TRANSFLO ASP, or another system or service, TRANSFLO Express can help you turn days into seconds. Just listen to Maverick’s Mike Hufnagel: “Integrating TRANSFLO Express into our imaging system was seamless. We take the image right into our system. Our billing folks pick it up like it was done with a manual scan and go from there. TRANSFLO Express lets us automate everything we were doing manually to get scans of paper documents into the system.”

10) Superb Image Quality.
TRANSFLO Express uses a special image enhancement technology that ensures good quality images every time. In addition, cashiers can view each image as it is scanned to ensure quality. Image quality is further supported by daily, proactive equipment maintenance programs in each truck stop, as well as a help desk that assists truck stops in maintaining their scanning and communications equipment.