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TRANSFLO Express┬« makes it easy for fleets and drivers to get paid faster. With TRANSFLO Express, trip documents are scanned at truck stops by trained cashiers, and delivered within seconds to the fleet’s corporate office for immediate processing. Fleets can bill customers and process payroll the same day the load is delivered, even if they don’t have an imaging system. TRANSFLO Express is available now at┬ámore than 1,000 truck stops throughout the U.S. and Canada.

TRANSFLO Express also reduces carriers’ operating costs and improves productivity by eliminating the need for corporate staff to spend time opening envelopes or prepping and scanning paper documents.

Today, an increasing number of carriers of all sizes are using TRANSFLO Express to speed their billing and payroll cycles, improve their cash flow, reduce their operating costs, and provide same day proof-of-delivery to their customers. To learn more about TRANSFLO Express, contact Pegasus TransTech today at 800-783-8649, or via our contacts page.