Truck Stop Central

This webpage is intended to support our TRANSFLO Express truck stop partners. Please use these tools to help
ensure the best service and high quality images are delivered at your scan stations.


Don’t Forget to Clean Your Scanners
We recommend cleaning your scanner at least one time per day.
Click scanning instructions for your model

•  Canon DR5010C
•  Canon DR6010C
•  Canon DR6030C
•  Kodak i1210
•  Xerox 262i

Instructions for replacing the feed tray

•  Canon DR-5010C, DR-6010C, DR-6030C Feed Tray Replacement Guide
•  Canon DR-3060, DR-3080 Feed Tray Replacement Guide


Interested in adding a kiosk? Email us for information and requirements. If you already have a kiosk, make sure to follow these best practices.

•  Clean scanner daily
•  Pick up scraps and debris left at kiosk daily
•  Leave paper and tape at station for drivers to use
•  Periodically check that keys are legible and not worn away on your keyboard